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Warner Robins & Macon, GA
wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal

It's hard to imagine that you don't always need all of your teeth, but it is very common that third molars, or wisdom teeth are more troublesome than helpful. Third molars usually erupt during the teenage years. Most people do not have room for them in their mouth and they become a problem to keep clean, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

During your complete dental examination, Dr. Davis will evaluate your oral health through careful visual inspection and gum measurements with the support of dental xrays. Xrays are invaluable in this process; they allow him to see between the teeth and underneath the gums to help him detect any signs of decay, bone loss or infection.

Dr. Davis has completed advanced training in dental surgical procedures and holds licensure for IV sedation for dentistry.

We believe that when you choose your dentist in Warner Robins or Macon, you deserve to be fully informed about your care. If Dr. Davis recommends that your wisdom teeth be removed to prevent decay, gum disease, infection or pain, he will help you consider sedation options, and review the procedure and follow up care. We want you to be well prepared and completely comfortable, before and after dental surgery.

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