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teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a quick process that can make a dramatic difference in your smile appearance. At Davis Dental Care, our teeth whitening products are professional strength and proven to be safe and effective. We can design custom mouth trays that are filled with whitening gel and worn over your teeth to lift stains and make your smile whiter and brighter in just a few applications.

Why aren't my teeth as white as they used to be?

Teeth naturally darken as we age. Dark beverages such as colas, tea, coffee or red wine can create hard-to-remove stains. Smoking, as well as being a health risk, causes brown and yellow staining of teeth. In some cases, tooth discoloration is related to childhood use of certain antibiotics during the developmental stages of permanent teeth.

Teeth whitening procedures can help remove old stains and lighten discolorations in tooth enamel. Our Warner Robins and Macon dentist, Dr. Ryan Davis, and team will take photos of your teeth and talk with you about cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening options to help you enjoy a confident, dazzling smile.

Are you ready to have a brighter smile?

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