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Warner Robins & Macon, GA
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Rebuilding Smiles
with Dental Implants in Warner Robins & Macon

Do you have questions about dental implants? We can help! Dr. Ryan Davis has completed advanced training in the placement of dental implants and supportive bone and soft tissue grafting procedures.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are tiny, cylinder-shaped devices made of surgical titanium that are inserted into the tooth socket to replace the function of a tooth root. Once in place, the dental implant is restored with a crown, bridge or denture to bring function and a natural-looking appearance back to your smile.

Dental implants offer unique benefits to dental patients and possible treatment advantages for traditional dental procedures:

A single dental implant can usually be placed the location of a missing tooth without disturbing neighboring teeth.

This differs from a traditional dental bridge, in which the adjacent teeth require preparation and drilling to create retention for the bridge appliance.

Denture patients rave about dental implants!

By designing a denture with attachments for dental implants, the denture can be securely snapped into place for instant smile confidence when eating, laughing or talking. Crunchy, chewy foods are once again an enjoyable experience for patients with implant-stabilized dentures!

Dental implants can help stop the cycle of tooth loss.

40 years ago, if a patient lost their most posterior (furthest back) tooth or teeth, replacement options were limited to partial dentures that rested on the remaining teeth. This created added stress on the existing teeth, and a series of problems generally followed, including further tooth loss. Today, dental implants can be used to replace the function of molars and allow the patient to chew normally and enjoy their smile for a lifetime. In cases where there are still healthy teeth remaining, they may sometimes be combined with dental bridges to avoid complete dentures or partial dentures altogether!

Dental Implant Consultation

To determine if you are a candidate for dental implants, we would begin with a consultation and dental examination with Dr. Davis. During this visit, he would evaluate the health of your teeth and gums, and talk with you about options to restore your smile.

We find that most patients just need a plan! Dr. Davis and our friendly team will guide you through the treatment process and answer all of your questions regarding financing, sedation options or dental insurance coverage. Our patients frequently comment about how easy we make the treatment process – we only recommend the services and options that we would offer to our own family members.

Macon & Warner Robins Implant Dentist, Dr. Ryan Davis

If missing teeth are making you frown, please contact our Macon or Warner Robins dental office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis to learn how dental implants can help you smile again!