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sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Dental technologies and techniques available today make treatment more comfortable and convenient than ever. Most dental procedures can be accomplished with minimal or no local anesthesia, however, some patients prefer to have surgical procedures or extensive dental treatment with the assistance of dental sedation.

Dr. Davis has holds licensure for dental IV sedation.

To be licensed as a sedation dentist in Georgia, Dr. Ryan Davis has completed advanced training in anesthesiology and management of dental sedation patients beyond the dental school level. Our facility is properly equipped for the administration of IV sedation for dental procedures.

Using this approach, a very small IV is placed to administer medications and help you feel completely relaxed during your procedure. A secondary benefit is that the large majority of patients do not remember anything about their appointment afterwards, which can be helpful for patients that experience a great deal of anxiety about dental treatment.

Getting ready for your dental sedation procedure:

  • If you choose to be sedated, you cannot have anything to eat or drink (water included) for six hours before your appointment.
  • For your safety, we require that you are accompanied by an adult that can stay with you during treatment and drive you home afterwards.
  • We also recommend that your companion stay with you at home until all the effects of the sedation have worn off.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Also called "laughing gas", nitrous oxide sedation is inhaled through a fitted nose mask that is worn during dental treatment. For most patients, it creates a mildly relaxing feeling, yet you are awake and able to answer questions and respond to instructions. The effects of nitrous oxide are temporary and end as soon as the mask is removed. Nitrous oxide sedation is used with local dental anesthetic to help make treatment comfortable and stress-free.

If you are fearful when it comes to dental procedures or are facing major dental work, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. Warner Robins and Macon dentist, Dr. Ryan Davis, has helped many patients overcome their dental anxiety and achieve a healthy, attractive smile. Please contact us for more information about sedation dentistry.